Why Did Anderson Cooper Walk out on ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’?


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the highest-earning film of 2017, and a large number of people have seen the film, but, Anderson Cooper of CNN is not among them.

Cooper had recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he disclosed that though he tried to watch the Rian Johnson film, he had to walk out of the theater eventually. However, the reason was different from what you might think. Check the interview here.

“I actually saw it last night and walked out,” Cooper said. “I know, I’m sorry. I got a lot going on. I had a lot of work to do; I had a lot on my mind. It wasn’t in protest.”

Even if Cooper had walked out in protest, that wouldn’t have been much of a surprise. Despite its huge success at the box office, The Last Jedi still is a highly polarizing movie. Critics and a section of fans are in love with the different trajectory taken by the movie’s story and called it the best Star Wars movie after The Empire Strikes Back; there is the other section that hated the film for exactly the same reason. The divide among viewers is highlighted by the debatable Rotten Tomatoes score of the film, while an “alt-right” group and 4Chan/Facebook users claim that bots brought the score down, but, Cooper clarified that he doesn’t have any opinion about the film yet as he couldn’t watch it with due attention.

“I’m gonna go see it again,” he explained. “I just, I had too much in my head. I went down to the theater on 23rd Street, about 45 minutes in, yeah, I was like, ‘I’m not giving this the attention it deserves.’ This deserves my attention; I’m not giving it my attention.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is presently running in theaters worldwide.

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