About Us

Who runs comicbooksgalaxy.com?

The true Fan boys! That is reason our content kicks so much ass because when you have people creating the content that they admire so much, you always get the best stuff. We started from a basic website in Mid-2014, but the love, admiration and positive criticism from our readers have made us determined to make this website a one-stop-shop for all the news that a geek needs in a day. We are currently putting huge efforts to expand our library of posts and to improve our content by 10x! We are am by the end of 2015, comicbooksgalaxy will be a core site on the internet for the pop culture that readers will be bookmarking on their first visit itself, stay tuned with us. We will prove this!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to connect with us using the form below. We respond back to any query within 24 hours.