X-Men & Magneto Have A Towering Presence In Gifted Season Finale Promo


If you are an X-Men fan, then you won’t like to miss out on the two-hour season finale of The Gifted on Fox. Fox has just come out with a new promo for the first season finale of this mutant saga, a half-minute preview, full of mystery, action, and potential.

The series has been based in a universe which doesn’t have either the X-Men or the Brotherhood due to some mysterious reason, but, this promo hints greatly at the presence of both. The original mutant super-team gets a mention more than once, with a further hint that despite their absence, they might have left behind some footprint.

The Brotherhood is not directly mentioned, but, their leader Magneto gets a mention. His name is not dropped, but, we see one of the Stepford Cuckoos chatting with Polaris about her father, who comic book lovers know as Magneto, who has given his mutant powers to her. This promo indicates that we are going to see Polaris match the lofty standards set by her villainous father.

The two-hour finale event comprises of the final two episodes “eXtraction” and “X-roads.” The Gifted came back a short while back with a fresh episode and is now on a two weeks hiatus before the airing of the final two episodes back-to-back on January 15.

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