Barry Allen Gets Framed in New ‘The Flash’ Trailer!


Once The Flash returns later this month, we will see Barry Allen face a trial. However, his friends and family will make every possible effort to capture the real villain and prove Barry’s innocence.

The latest trailer for the upcoming premiere of The Flash, shows Joe taking some bold steps to try and keep Barry away from spending a long time in prison. Notwithstanding Ralph’s warnings, Joe plans to plant evidence and trying to get someone else blamed for the murder which Barry didn’t commit. At the same time, Barry finds it difficult to come to terms with the results of lying on the stand.

In case you remember the climax of the midseason finale in December, The Thinker found a new host and killed the body he was earlier housed in. He left that body in Barry’s apartment, with a knife stab wound in the chest. He used a knife that was sent as a wedding gift to Barry and Iris.

He knew he was innocent and was wary of putting his family into any trouble; Barry decided to surrender when the cops landed at his door. He just put his hands behind his head and resigned to his fate.

You can check out the “Framed” trailer in the video here.

The Flash will be back on The CW on Wednesday, January 17 at 8 pm ET, after the premiere of Black Lightning.

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