Mind Blowing Video Shows How “Star Wars Vs Star Trek” Movie Would Look!


The discussion that – “Who is better, Star Wars Vs Star Trek”, is going on from decades. The passionate fan bases from both the ends are at loggerheads always. The folks at Star Trek side consider themselves intellectuals, and call Star Wars a soap opera for kiddies, and on the other hand, Star Wars fans call Star Trek a low budget B-movie that doesn’t have heart and excites a few basement dwellers. These statements in themselves express the heights of rivalry between the two clans.However, the times are changing, both the Science-fiction universe has shared the same director for the first time, and the results have been pretty good. J.J Abrams did a fantastic job in rebooting the Star Trek and he perfectly created the sequel to Star Wars too.
Now the discussion amongst the fans of both the franchises has taken an interesting turn, they are asking, what would happen if the characters of Star Trek and Star Wars would collide in the same universe? That’s an interesting notion, to be really honest if these two franchises shake hands in some way, and we get a mash-up movie, what else a sci-fi geek can ask for? It will happen, maybe not soon but it will happen someday in the future. However, the folks at Screenrant have created an high-quality Star Trek and Star Wars crossover super-cut video. It’s so freaking awesome that you would shout like a baby for this movie, check out the video in Next Page and then we will talk:-

sw vs st

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