5 Actors Confirmed For Much Anticipated – “THE CROW” Movie.


The story of the character “Crow” originates from a real-life tragedy. An incredibly talented comic book artist James O’Barr’s lost his wife in a drunken driving accident. He got into drug abuse and depression, and to deal with these ailments; he drowned himself in creating this grim and ruthless anti-hero – “The Crow“. Soon after the comic books hit the shelves, it became a huge hit. The comic book was beautifully drawn; it had a lot of closeup shots just like a movie that shows complicated emotions. Within four years of the comic book release, it was picked up for a film adaptation. However, the tragedies related to the character of “The Crow” once against knocked on the real life door when the actor Brandon Lee, who was playing the role of Crow got killed during a freak shooting accident on the sets. He was Bruce Lee’s only son, just 28 years old. The movie was received well by both fans and the critics. It’s a cult classic.

The magic of the Crow is coming back with a remake of the 1994 movie. Corin Hardy is going to direct the movie. It was in works for quite some time but looks like all the issues with finances and casting have been tackled. This is going to be a decent budget movie that is going to follow the source material. The movie is not a reboot; it’s a remake and will monitor the footsteps of the 1994 Brandon Lee movie with mild thematic changes. The film has bagged in some good actors to play the significant roles in the film and to be honest, the cast looks fantastic, here are the actors who will be part of the Crow Remake:-

1. Jason Momoa As The Crow

Jason Momoa As The Crow


2. Krysten Ritter As Shelly


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