Melissa Rauch Hot : 10 Hottest Pics Of Her On The Internet.


Melissa Rauch hot pictures have filled the hard disks of many Big Bang Theory fans, she was introduced to the show as a side character, but after seeing her captivating acting, her unbeatable beauty, and interesting personality of Melissa Rauch promoted her to a regular character in the show. Her role Bernadette has addicted the fans in such a way that her presence has become a necessity to the show. She is an amazing person on and off-screen, and we are going to learn few cool things about her secret life behind the screen, along with the best Melissa Rauch hot pictures compilation you’ve ever seen in your life. Alrighty then, buckle up your seatbelts because this is going to be an incredible ride:-

1) Melissa Rauch Has A Very Short Height.

She may seem tall on the show, but Melissa is a short heighted girl. Her height is 4 Feet and 11 Inches, maybe that’s the reason her jugs are too damn big, according to anatomical biology, people with smaller height have 98% chance of getting big breasts. We are pretty sure, Melissa Rauch is one of them. Her husband is way over 6 feet in height, and now just imagine them making love. When the couple was asked by Playboy, do you guys face “tactical” problems in bed due to this major height difference? Melissa Responded saying that

“Most of you guys won’t understand this, but it is a bliss to have a huge height difference with your man. You just need to be creative and potential is beyond your imaginations! You know, what I am saying?”

Ahem, Ahem, that sentence from Melissa has painted a very curious picture in our head. What do you see? Umm…Maybe don’t answer, keep those weird fantasies to yourself.


2) Melissa Rauch Has Been Accused Of Breast “Reduction”

You may have heard that women get breast augmentation surgeries, but there are several celebs, who get them reduced so that their frame of body matches with their bosoms, and Melissa Rauch has gone through such procedure. She hasn’t confirmed anything on this matter but if you compare her earlier photos with the current ones, the difference is more than obvious. Now according to the famous site “What’s her bra size” (That deals with investigating the Bra Sizes of all the Celebs across the world) has calculated Melissa’s current Bra size to be 36C. But we are sure it was much bigger before her alleged surgery. We seriously believe that she shouldn’t have gone through that surgery, because we think that her breasts were really good assets to get instant recognition among the crowd. We would love to see them back in action, what about signing an internet petition to request Melissa to bring those beautiful knockers back?

3) Melissa Rauch Is A Fantastic Standup Comedian

Even before she became a star in Big Bang Theory, she was a well-known personality in the Standup-comedy circles of New York. Her unique self-reprimanding jokes running rampant in the streets of New York was one of the reasons Melissa got the golden shot of becoming the world-famous Bernadette in Big Bang Theory. A lot of her colleagues from the stand comedy group knew that Melissa was going places, she had a very lovable personality that’s tailor-made for the small screen!

4) Melissa Rauch Is A “Real” Method Actress.

Melissa is not somebody who got into acting just because she had a loving personality or the beauty, she is a well-read actress who has grabbed an honors degree in arts of acting and theater. If you want to see the prime of her acting capabilities, you got to check her movie “The Bronze”, where she has played the part of an athlete. You can even find some Melissa Rauch nudes scenes in that movie but according to the reports, she may have used body doubles for those parts in the movie. Even though, some of those weird gymnastic-themed lovemaking shots between Melissa & the other actor were actually pretty good! We can’t give you the link over here, but the Google can easily lead you to those interesting shots of Melissa Rauch very easily.

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