Kaley Cuoco Shares Hypnotising Pictures With Her Favorite Dogs


Kaley Cuoco and her dogs had a great splash in the pool as they enjoyed the closing weeks of summer 2017.

She shared on Instagram, a photo of herself posing with her two dogs for a photo shoot. She was dressed fully and not in swimwear during the shoot. She stated that she and the dogs were in the pool at her house. Prior to sharing the adorable photograph, the “Big Bang Theory” actress also uploaded a video wherein she was seen riding a swing with her dog Norman. She revealed that the swing at her home was build by renowned interior designer Jeff Andrews.

The swing at her place is large enough to easily accommodate three people. The swing which is primarily made of wood has several cushions and pillows. Andrews had also designed the bar at her house last month. Couple of weeks later, she shared another photo of that bar which was amply stocked by various types of drinks and wines.

The fact that the “Big Bang Theory” Season 11 has not yet commenced shooting gives Cuoco a great deal of time to spend with her dogs and her boyfriend Karl Cook. The couple had travelled to Australia last week for a Paw Works auction event. They not only had a great event, but, also enjoyed their vacation thoroughly.

The Season 11 of “Big Bang Theory” is scheduled to premiere on CBS on September 25. Just like the last one, this season will also feature 24 episodes. During the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour last week, producer Steve Molaro emphasised that they don’t plan long-term regarding their episodes, rather, they tend to focus on the series episode by epiosode.

When fced by the question whether Season 12 is going to be the final season for “Big Bang Theory” in light of CBS’s renewal of the show until 2019, Molaro said, “As long as we can go; 20 years. I hope I have it as long as we can.” The show’s Co-creator further stated, “We never really figured to be at year 11, let alone what’s going to happen after 12. One could easily presume that would be the end of the series, but I’m just amazed we’re here.”

Kaley is hoping for her fans to come forward and donate for the sake of the dogs, cats and horses affected by the devastating Hurricane Harvey.

Photograph: Cuoco at the San Diego Comic Con International 2017, onstage during the “Big Bang Theory” panel.




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