Dino Riders Movie : 5 A-Listers Are In Talks For A Big Budget Live-Action Adaptation.


We are living in an era where entertainment medium is trying sell products that somehow instigates the nostalgia in us, they are using our beautiful memories to make us their customers.

That is the reason we are seeing so many remakes, reboots and sequels of the already successful franchise from 80’s and 90’s, and the ground-breaking success of NES classic (launched by Nintendo which is an exact over-priced replica of the old 80’s Nintendo Entertainment system) proves that the product creators are succeeding.

The movies like G.I Joe, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a big proof that the knockout content of 1980’s is the best way to get people inside the theaters. That’s the reason Sony has announced that they are going to make a big-budget Dino Riders movie with heavy hitters of Hollywood.

Is Dino-Riders Movie In Safe Hands?

Dino Riders is a Mattel’s Intellectual property, and they have collaborated with Sony to get this movie project off the ground. At this point of time, Alyssa Philips and Stephen L’Heureux are going to produce the movie.

These guys are more than capable of delivering an amazing movie, they’ve produced Dracula: Untold and Sin City: A Dame To Kill for, in the past. This movie would probably target PG:13 audiences, same as the Jurassic Park and Transformers.

Tom King has penned the script for this movie, Tom hasn’t written any movies before, but he delivered the best Marvel Comic Series “The Vision” last year, his Vision series was so goog that the critics called it the “Breaking Bad” of the comic book industry.

The kind of efforts Sony is putting behind Dino-Riders it looks like they are planning to build a long term franchise off of this cheesy 80’s cartoon series.

Leaked Synopsis Of Dino Riders Movie

Tom King, who has written the script of this movie has stated that this film will only take inspirations from the events of the cartoon series, the characters names will be taken from the 1980’s cartoon Silverhawks, but their personalities will be completely different. It makes sense because that show was made for the kids, and it is the material of a different era. He also confirmed that the battle between the Valurions (Meta-Humans with Psychic abilities) and the Mutant species are known as Rulons, will take place in the earth of “Modern Times”.

When he was asked, how the dinosaurs will come into the picture, he said: “That’s the twist, you will have to be in theaters to know that”. If you have watched the 14 episodes long “Dino-Riders” series from 1980’s, you will know that the synopsis is similar to the cartoon, but it looks like a lot has been changed for its big screen adaptation.

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Why Was Dino Riders Created In The First Place?

The Dino Riders cartoon was funded by a company named Tyco to boost their new Dinosaur based action figures, however, after looking at the amazing response from the kids across the America Tyco decided to give this cartoon a full-length season.

The original cartoon hasn’t aged well, and you will find a lot of cheesiness in the storyline, and it was full of potholes, but you also need to consider that this was a kids show. The cartoon served its purpose by increasing the popularity of the toy, this toyline became so freaking huge that Mattel decided to purchase Tyco, just because of Dino-Riders.

The Cast Of The Upcoming Movie.

1. Charlie Hunnam As Questar

2. Bryce Dallas As Serena

3. Idris Elba As Mind-Zei

4. Voice Of Jeremy Irons For Krulos

5. Issac Hempstead As Youngstar

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