6 Actors Confirmed For “Captain Power” Reboot – “Yes, Its Coming Back!”


This show was supposed to change the way people watched the television and the folks involved had tons of confidence in it. The money was poured, the tech was aligned, massive promotions was dealt, but the vision was damaged. We are talking about “Captain Power and Soldier of the future.” A show that came with its own gaming system that you could directly use on your TV set back in the day. The show was written excellently, it had everything to become the next Star Wars or Star Trek, but then again it had the vision to cater both the kids and adults, trying to become the “Jack of all trades” actually worked against the show, and the series didn’t even saw the second season. (Which had the full blown script ready!)
Good news for the fans of Captain Powe is that the show is coming back once again and will be helm by its original created Gary Goddard. The show’s name is rebranded to “Phoenix Rising” which was the regalia of the original show. Captain Power’s series will be announced and showcased in the San Diego Comic Con. Goddard is collaborating with SyFy, but currently, there is no confirmation on which channel is going to show it. The auditions are completed, and actors have been confirmed for the show. Goddard and his team want to finish the production by mid-2018 and air the show by the last quarter of 2018. Here are the actors who have been selected play the lead roles:-

1. Dolph Lundgren as Lord Dredd


2. Scott Adkins as Captain Jonathan Powers

3. Ruby Rose as Corporal Jennifer ‘Pilot’ Chase


4. Alexander Skarsgård as Major Matthew ‘Hawk’ Masterson


5. Jay Ellis as Sergeant Robert ‘Scout’ Baker


6. Anthony Dale as Lieutenant Michael ‘Tank’ Ellis


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