Rey Cosplay: 5 Hottest Rey Cosplay Shots By Griffin Maria.

rey cosplay best

Rey Cosplay has become extremely prevalent on the internet these days, in fact, people are saying that Rey’s cosplay is going to replace the so-called “disparaging” Slave Leia outfits in the comic book conventions very soon. We believe that’s an over-statement, Slave Leia cosplay has endured the test of time and frequent 1-2 punches from politically correct people & Feminazis, it has become a legend, and legends don’t die so easily, especially when you are related to the behemoth Star Wars saga. But yeah, we do agree that Rey cosplays are on the rising trend these days, and why won’t they be? Daisy Ridley’s portrayal of Rey in “The Force Awakens” is astoundingly good. However, with quantity, the quality suffers, that’s why you will see loads of Rey Cosplays that are either mediocre or at subpar levels. That’s why our team spent their time to separate the wheat from the chaff, and we found the “Griffin Maria’s Graveyard Rey Cosplay”, her version of Rey is hot as hell, and if you are planning to watch her cosplay right away in your office or college, we would advise you to grow another pair of eyes right behind your head or close the door, because this is a Hard-NSFW post.
Let’s jump right on into the gist of this amazing post, here are the heart throbbing pictures of Maria Griffin as “Graveyard Rey”:-

1. Maria Griffin’s Cosplays Are For Fun!

Maria was introduced to the world of Cosplay via her friends, and she usually goes for creating the “Lusty” interpretation of original characters rather than original renditions. She does the cosplays because she has fun doing them. She gets the attention and love from her fans that motivate her for creating more awesome-tacular content.


2. She Doesn’t Create Her Own Cosplay Costumes.

People keep cribbing that they don’t get into cosplay because they are not a seamstress, or they do not know, how to fabricate their own clothing for cosplays. Well, Maria is just like us, she does not create her own costumes, she takes help from people who know what they are doing or get it from trustworthy online sources. It is not a necessity to create your cosplay clothes, the most important part is to make yourself ready for this, and brainstorming for great ideas.

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