Justice League Accepts Superman’s Presence In The Movie With Official Group Shot


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Zack Snyder directed Justice League! Be aware.

It would have been impossible to create a legendary superhero team of DC characters without Superman and Zack Snyder’s film Justice League indeed has Henry Cavill’s Kryptonian, but, he remained unseen during the marketing campaign of the film during the months prior to the release. Now that the film has released, DC and Warner Bros. have ultimately accepted the Man of Steel and displayed him on the movie’s poster. Have a look below:

The picture is not much different from other marketing images of Justice League that we have seen so far. The major difference is the fact that Superman is shown bang in the center of the image with the other DC icons. His presence in the film was an open secret that DC had maintained right from the time the film started shooting (Cavill had himself shared a photograph of his suit before we had even known that he would be back), however, now it seems that DC is going all out to showcase Superman’s comeback.

It is amazing to see Superman occupy the central position among the Justice League members and this upgraded poster hints greatly towards the comic book origin of the Justice League. In particular, the poster greatly resembles a legendary artwork by iconic comic book artist Alex Ross. Have a look at a few of his works to check how it fares against this film poster.

It is not difficult to figure out DC’s desire to keep Superman’s appearance in the movie under wraps, despite such a feat being impossible to manage. The death of Clark Kent towards the end of Batman v Superman was aimed to present a dark and chaotic time on Earth, and it was the absence of this hope icon that brought Batman out of the shadows to establish Justice League. It greatly increased the stakes when the most powerful Justice League member was kept out of it, and that was necessary to portray the risk posed by Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) as far deadlier.

Justice League is playing in theaters and go ahead to check out how the Man of Steel joined the other Justice League members on the big screen first time ever!

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