5 Reasons Why Batman Is The Real Bad Guy


Batman is the most popular and loved hero in the 21st Century. While he always has been on par with most heroes before the 2000s, he has struck a chord in us.

But should we really celebrate Bruce Wayne? There is a lot about him that is dangerous and undesirable. Here are 5 reasons why Batman is a bad guy and not the man who should be celebrated for his moral beliefs and actions.

1. He Is Psychotic

Bruce Wayne has tons of money and a personal butler who eggs him on in his persona. So, there is no Bruce Wayne. There is only Batman. His human side is a facade.

We need someone with a human heart with empathy and mercy, instead of a monotone broken soul? That does not assure a safer Gotham.

2. He Is A Rich Guy Who Beats Up Poor People

This has struck as an often overlooked facet of Batman’s persona. Bruce Wayne is one of the richest men in DCU, and his super hero abilities are a product of his wealth. So why do we see him beating up thugs who are in raggedy clothes and look like they have had a rough time in life? Thugs are employed by super villains as they are unemployed and even homeless.

Bruce Wayne could help really clean up the streets of Gotham by investing in Wayne Enterprises and creating jobs and income for the city.

3. He Isn’t All That Effective

 None of his work is permanent. Crime has certainly gotten worse in Gotham since Batman turned up. Things may have been bad before Batman, but that is better than people trying to cover Gotham in fear gas.

4. Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

The justification for Batman is that he is needed to tackle the bad guys in Gotham. We know Batman is crazy, but he helps to deter villains like Joker and Two-Face. Sitting in a nest of fire ants is not as bad as setting yourself on fire, but why should one have to do either? Batman is the catalyst for so much escalation of crime in Gotham. The response to the Joker should not be sending a rich, grief-stricken genius dressed as a Bat.

5. He Warps The Minds Of Children

If Batman does take a child under his wing, gives him a skimpy red outfit and tells them that he can help him fight the most dangerous beings in the universe, the child is going to believe that is alright.

On three occasions, he got Robin killed in Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd, and his quasi-son Damien Wayne. He then vows that he will not have a Robin again as the price is too high. The fact is that Batman should have been brought in for child endangerment long ago.

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