Which One Is Better: ‘Justice League’ Or ‘Avengers’?


Finally, we saw the arrival of DC’s superhero team on the big screen, and it led to fans drawing comparisons with Avengers by Marvel who have dominated the world of comic book films. The big question is, which one is better?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Justice League and Avengers. If you haven’t seen the films, then don’t say we didn’t alert you.

Although, the above question might make you roll up your eyes and find it weird, but, the fact is that the two films are more identical in nature than you might have thought. Let us compare the two films on different parameters, and then we will find out which one is better. You must take note that this is only a comparison between two films and not the characters.

The first criteria is the character lineup. Both the films are team based, and the final teams in both movies are highly impressive. We saw new characters being unveiled in Justice League and none of the new characters, i.e., Aquaman, Flash or Cyborg had a solo movie earlier and and it handled them fine. Avengers didn’t have the origin story issue, and that gave time for the team members to get more brilliant moments in.

Having said that, Superman stood tall above all other characters from both films and Wonder Woman certainly outdid Captain. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that Justice League has a more intriguing character list on a one to one basis than the Avengers team members. Although, that changed with other Marvel movies, especially for Hawkeye, Hulk, and Black Widow.

This one was close, but, Justice League wins here.

Next, let’s compare the villains, Steppenwolf vs. Loki. Loki was well laid out courtesy the first Thor film, and even if we don’t count that, he had charm and a great personality. Loki did well in all his scenes even though his narrative was all about “Give me more power.”

On the other hand, we have Steppenwolf who is well designed and also power hungry like Loki. Sadly, his character had no depth besides, “I want to beat you because I lost earlier. It is the characters around him who have to lift the scenes. He is simply forgettable, and that’s where Loki’s memorable performance gets this one over to Avengers massively.

Now let’s talk about the real story of the two films and both are action based films. Justice League has a far more ambitious story. Both films show alien armies attack Earth. However, Justice League dealt with the moral dilemma of Superman’s resurrection. That was a sizeable part of the plot, but, it was a tricky one. You need to squeeze in this subplot and also the introduction scenes of the new trio, which can cause the storyline to get hit and Avengers didn’t face such problems.

No matter what, Avengers wins this one.

Not to forget that the two films had a fair share of butt shots. Justice League zoomed in on Wonder Woman’s backside and Avengers’ had a camera dedicated to Scarlett Johansson’s rear during her conversation with Loki. While we might not want to deliberate this one, but, yet it is interesting enough to mention.

So that’s it. Justice League scores 1 and Avengers hits home at 2.

It’s a close fight as none of the two films overwhelms the other. While Avengers is a better package overall, Justice League has its own aspects which outplay the mega film from Marvel. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to like or dislike either Justice League or Avengers. In our point of view, Avengers is a better film.

Justice League is playing in theaters these days.

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