Mind Blowing Justice League Video Shows How It Is Copying The Avengers


Last few weeks have been superb for comic book fans. Only a couple of weeks after the Taika Waititi film Thor: Ragnarok’s release changed the face of Thor franchise, Zack Snyder’s Justice League came out too. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe bid its time in showcasing individual characters before teaming them up in The Avengers, DC took a bolder step. They brought in the trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman together alongside a new trio of heroes, first glimpsed in Batman v Superman. There are a lot of people out there who found fault with the premise and many others who claim that Justice League is a blatant copy of The Avengers. Since the Avengers maker Joss Whedon was associated with Justice League, the idea only became stronger. Now a new video has come out to highlight the similarities between the two movies, and it is bound to shock you. Have a look!

Upon initial viewing, most fans didn’t notice these similarities, but, it is difficult to ignore the fact that the two films are a lot similar. Let’s evaluate what we see in this video.

The biggest comparison is the villains and their near similar plan. As the video highlights,  both films showed an ancient villain with a horn returning to Earth along with an army of monsters to annihilate the planet. True that Loki and Steppenwolf are absolutely different characters since Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki is intricate, layered and funny as well as disgusting. On the other hand, Steppenwolf has no personality traits, and he only seems obsessed with uniting the mother boxes to destroy the planet.

The mother boxes are in fact another glaring similarity between the films. The story of Avengers is based on the Tesseract, which was used by Loki to start his alien invasion. It is only after Loki got hold of this device that the ultimate battle of New York started. Justice League has the same plot wherein Steppenwolf needs the three mother boxes to start his attack.

There are many other identical features in the two films. The comparisons between Iron-Man and Cyborg might not be incredible, but, Wonder Woman and Thor are a lot similar than they initially appeared. Both are historical creatures with long-running enmity with the movie’s villain and have been staying away from their respective fictional communities.

In fact, the similarities continue in the way that the villains are defeated in the two films. Both necessitated that the connection to the source of power is interrupted to close the portal which was causing all the mayhem. Justice League achieved this by the joint efforts of Superman and Cyborg whereas Black Widow did the same for The Avengers.

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