How Lain Armitage became Young Sheldon – True Story Revealed by Jim Parsons


The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live. Speaking on the show, Parsons went on to reveal the story behind his selection of the child actor for the role of Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon.

He said he had a decisive hand in choosing who would play this role in the upcoming spinoff series. Ultimately the role was bagged by Lain Armitage, who had got the audience swooning by his scene-stealing portrayal of Shailene Woodley in Big Little Lies, a drama that went on to get an Emmy nomination.

Parsons is the executive producer of the upcoming series and is providing a voice over as well. He stated that it was nothing else, but, Lain’s “mind-blowing” audition that clinched the role for him.

He was quoted as saying, “They wrote the most trial-by-fire, two-page monologue and all these kids were coming in with it and they were all really good,” said Parsons.

“But Iain, when his tape came in, it was mind-blowing and I thought, ‘he looks really young but he must be 13 to be able to do this’ – but he was 8.

“He is such a man-child. He thinks like a man.

“He’s fantastic. I didn’t think I was very good with kids but I’m fine with him. He’s such a sweet kid, too.”

Further during the discussion, Parsons revealed that he received a very Sheldon-style wedding gift from the acclaimed young actor.

“He wanted to get me a gift for my wedding,” he added. “An ant farm – and he said, ‘congratulations on your new children.'”

Young Sheldon will premiere on CBS on November 2nd, 2017.


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