Riz Ahmed Set To Do Carnage: Venom Rumors.


If the grapevine is to be believed, then the rising star Riz Ahmed is going to play the part of Carnage in the upcoming Venom film. The film in itself is like a see-saw of hopes for the Marvel fans. While it is undoubtedly exciting to see someone doing justice to this character, most of the Marvel fans are highly skeptical about the actual outcome courtesy the less than dependable past track record of Sony.

There have been quite some let downs when fans were left high and dry after being promised a lot. Still, the assuring presence of Tom Hardy as the protagonist and Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) behind the camera, makes the film promising and appealing.

Apart from the main lead and the director, there is still not much that we know about Venom. The film shoot begins this fall and releases next year. It is expected that the movie willa have a peculiar take on the genre of films based on comic books. In the upcoming movie, Venom will take on his colleague, the demented Carnage who is likely to be the main villain.

There has been the rumor about Riz Ahmed, the rising star from the film Rogue One, getting a major role in this film. While there is yet no official word about the same, Tracking Board has reported that the role essayed by Ahmed is none other than Carnage. They claim to quote two different informers with one claiming that the actor has been chosen for the role and the other stating that Sony is considering Ahmed for either Carnage or some other major part.

With roles in Nightcrawler and The Night of, Ahmed has generated quite a few waves and his graph has actually taken off vertically ever since he played Bodhi Rook in Rogue One. He has an impressive range and is already believed to be capable of enhancing the value of the project by being associated with it. However, if he does take up the role of Carnage, it can be expected that there will be some exciting additions to the character.

Carnage is likely to be a combination of the Venom Symbiote and the title used by serial killer Cletus Kassidy. Nobody knows for sure yet if the Carnage in upcoming Venom film will be Kassidy or not, but, the chances are quite strong as he is the main villain in the comic book.  So far, in the animations and comic books, he has been depicted as a mentally sick and despicable character prone to violence and murderous tendencies. If a talented actor like Ahmed takes up the role then the character is likely to gain some depth and power into the performance.

However, there is not just one name that has been circulating concerning Carnage. The Hamilton star Un-Manuel Miranda and the former joker of Gotham aka Cameron Monaghan are reportedly interested in the project. These two actors also have their sizeable fan base. However, what makes the talk about Ahmed special is the fact that we are being told about the studio’s interest in the actor and not the other way round. Whether the news turns out to be true or not, the thought in itself is very enticing.


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