Michael Weatherly Could Return To NCIS


Fans of NCIS can rejoice now because Michael Weatherly just might return to the show.

To be honest, we got no confirmation from the production team of NCIS yet. All we know is that Weatherly has shown his interest in getting back into the show. He used to play Anthony DiNozzo in the navy-based crime series. In conversation with Digital Spy, Weatherly said,

“I absolutely see worlds where DiNozzo and other characters could pop up [again]. It is something I’m very keen to explore when the time is right.”

This news comes as a surprise because other actors have largely replaced the original cast of NCIS. The very talented Mario Bello would be joining the show for the upcoming season. Yet, fans do miss the original team that included DiNozzo.

The actor’s interest in getting back to the show remains consistent, given that back in May 2016 (when his last episode of NCIS aired), he had mentioned that he would like to someday return to the show. Weatherly currently stars in the CBS show Bull, but joining back the NCIS team must hold some allure to him; after all, it is currently the most watched drama series in the world. And honestly, the show without him hasn’t been the same. Let’s just hope that his and ours wish come true.


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