Get Ready To Welcome Future Trunks In ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Dub Trailer!


It is finally here. Dragon Ball Super’s dub is all set to enter a new chapter, and that’s something that fans had been waiting for. There is just one thing for you to do as a fan.

Get set to once again welcome Future Trunks.

Toonami is going to screen the Funimation’s dubbed version of the ‘Future Trunks’ story, beginning from next week. This is the fourth saga of Dragon Ball Super re-introducing the beloved hero after things in his timeline go awry.

As shown above, the initial preview of the new saga has been unveiled by Toonami. The sequences shown here are part of the premiere of the saga, and they are quite impactful. It all begins with a little-known villain creating a ruckus, and Bulma tells Future Trunks to escape with an item. But, the boy feels bad about his decision to run away once the villain locates him and apparently kills his mother in just one single swoop.

 “I led him right to her, and now she’s gone, and her equipment is gone too,” Future Trunks cries. “But, at least, there’s this. This means we can go back to the past.”

In case you are not aware of the ‘Future Trunks’ saga, there is a lot in store for you. Dragon Ball Super fans often call this story as the best of the anime, courtesy its great action and drama. The story begins in the timeline of Future Trunk when a villain unleashes mayhem on Earth. The villain, Goku Black, is almost a replica of the well-known hero. Outwitted, the Future Trunks travels back in time to seek Goku’s help, but, it all spirals out of control when Goku Black reveals who he is.

Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll, every Saturday evening at 7.15 pm CST. Adult Swim telecasts its English dubbed version during the Toonami block Saturday evenings at 9.30 pm. You can also stream it on FunimationNOW and also on Amazon Video.

If you want to watch the earlier English dubbed version, then the first 39 Dragon Ball Super episodes can now be streamed on FunimationNOW, the VRV service from Crunchyroll and you can also buy them on Amazon Video. The 39 episodes are spanned across the entire range of what has so far been aired in North America and includes the “Battle of Gods” arc, “Revival of F” arc, and the latest “Universe 6” arc.

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