Avengers: Infinity War makes its big screen appearance on May 4th.


Although, it feels as if this film has spent decades in the making, but, now we can finally say that Avengers: Infinity War has wrapped up filming! It is by far, the mightiest movie from Marvel Studios to date, and has been steadily built over the course of last ten years of MCU, but, it is now all set to go into post-production, to stay on track with its May release date. Needless to say that the frenzy is at feverish levels.

The film’s directors, Russo Brothers, shared the image of celebration cake on Instagram and Twitter on Thursday, and it is as extravagant as their movie. The triple deck cake displays an Avengers “A” symbol, some hands propping up the massive cake cutout of Thanos, and then there are the Infinity Stones. This mind-blowing cake can be seen below:

It was obvious that the cake led to some fan questions who spotted some recognizable faces or let’s say hands.

The hands in the spotlight seem to be the hands of Iron-Man, Black Widow, Black Panther and the Hulk who are holding Thanos aloft as he tries to grab the Infinity Stones surrounding him. Though, the identities of the hands are still debatable.

The other piece of debate is related to the various symbols around the cake. Some fans highlight that not all the Avengers symbols can be seen, which made them wonder whether that hints at a death in the movie. Then again, it is all pure guesswork. Whatever the cake does or doesn’t suggest about the Avengers: Infinity War, we all unanimously agree that the case is a fantastic example of baking expertise. And then, there is hardly anything more exciting related to a movie of such gigantic proportions than the spoilers being leaked by none other than the movie’s creators themselves.

Avengers: Infinity War makes its big screen appearance on May 4th.

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