Young Justice: Outsiders Producer Admits To A Late-2018 Premiere


While it was announced back in 2016 that Young Justice will come back, fans still need to wait for some more time for the highly anticipated Season 3 of the animated series.

The producer Greg Weisman has said that the series won’t be back before late next year. In response to a Twitter question about the comeback of the show, Weisman stated. “All I know for sure is fourth quarter 2018,” which implies that the show would debut only after September, 2018.

Two seasons of Young Justice were aired from 2011 to 2013, on Cartoon Network before it came to an end with the famous “Invasion” storyline. After several years of petitioning by fans and makers, Warner Bros. Animation ultimately declared in 2016 that there would be a third season for the series. While it was perceived that the Season 3 would premiere on Cartoon Network alongside Teen Titans Go! and the new Justice League Action, the series is now going to appear on the WB’s DC themed streaming service alongside the live-action Titans show depicting the Teen Titans from DC Comics.

Sam Register is the Executive Producer and the series original makers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are producers of Young Justice: Outsiders, which will pit the teenage heroes battling their biggest challenge when they take on meta-human trafficking “and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy.”

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