Brie Larson Lands At an Air Force Base To Prepare for Captain Marvel


Brie Larson was recently at an Air Force base as a part of her preparations for her upcoming film Captain Marvel. The MCU is set to expand big time in the next couple of years. Black Panther is releasing in less than a month, and then there are the two mega Avengers films on the horizon, apart from Ant-Man & The Wasp. While Ant-Man & The Wasp will be the first movie from Marvel where a female shares the title, but, Captain Marvel is going to be the first solo female superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The lead character of Carol Danvers is going to be played by the Oscar winner Brie Larson, and the film is going to be directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

It has been a long wait for Marvel comics fans to see Captain Marvel appear on the cinematic screen. She was contemplated earlier for Avengers: Age of Ultron, but, now she will debut in her solo film. Carol has incredible powers, and that’s quite a reason to be excited to see her and also why Captain Marvel should give an adequate origin story to her. The movie will also show her initial days in the Air Force, and it seems as if Larson is leaving no stone unturned to prepare for the role.

There is this fan account CaptMarvelNews dedicated to Captain Marvel, and it discovered an Instagram post by Don Wallace which showed Larson at the Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Larson is seen wearing a full flight suit. While it is not revealed what exactly was Larson doing at the Air Force base, but, it must be for research related to her role. Larson is familiarizing herself with an F15 fighter, and that means we would see Carol flying one of those machines in Captain Marvel.

In case this is only research, then it is the latest piece in Larson’s transformation into Captain Marvel. Larson has signed to portray the role for more than one and a half year, and she has displayed that she is going deep into the narrative to understand who Carol is. However, visiting an Air Force base and meeting real fighter pilots is a proof of the distance that Brie is traveling to ensure that Captain Marvel debuts perfectly.

But then, it could be possible that it wasn’t research, and Larson is at the Air Force base filming some of her scenes already. There were reports earlier about a brief shooting scheduled for Captain Marvel in January, prior to the official start of the production in March, and it might just be that. Since nothing is confirmed, we would assume that this was only a preparation exercise. We just hope that the visit benefited Larson and she will be able to apply her newly acquired knowledge to the movie. No matter what, it is awesome to see Larson meet real-life Air Force guys before she goes on to depict one of them on the big screen.

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