Funko deserves your applause. They understand their memes perfectly. The figure that you see above is officially named “Wounded Dr. Ian Malcolm,” but, you might not even be able to spot his injury because of the highly appealing..eyes (If you thought, we are gonna say chest, that’s also true). In all those years of making Jurassic Park toys, Hasbro has never created a bare-chested Jeff Goldblum, and that would have been a super bad idea, in the time of bad ideas, rather than removing the dinos from the island. However, when Funko came out with a Jurassic Park range, we must have realized that..oh yeah, this is how it all starts.

Then comes the running! The stomping and the screaming! Not to forget the cartoon Wayne Knight with a face drenched with deadly dinosaur barf!

While Nedry and Dilophosaurus are Entertainment Earth exclusives, the gold is bound to bloom at Target. As of now, we don’t see a dis-armed Samuel L. Jackson, but, considering how things are moving, he might just be a key element of the next exclusive. Either him or Mr. DNA or even a Sam Neil causing chaos with a small child two-pack.

The “normal” versions of all the male characters are also available for you. However, as is the case with any other Jurassic Park line, the dinosaurs are the show stealers here as well, and they look just about as nasty as Funko could ever get them to be.

Apart from the exclusives, there is a rare chase figure: the dilophosaurus in a normal mode. Join it with the attack mode and the two pack, and this will be the highlight of the line.

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