‘Agents of SHIELD’ Is Top Rated Marvel Show On Rotten Tomatoes


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has won over the fans and critics alike, and the show’s reviews prove that.

Rotten Tomatoes recently came out with the list of the best-reviewed Marvel TV shows, as per their “Tomatometer” score. Although it surprised some, ABC’s show Agents of SHIELD secured the top spot, overtaking shows such as Legion and Jessica Jones.

The series managed to get a 95 percent “Fresh” score across its five seasons, which gave it the top spot. Apart from the overall positive score, Agents of SHIELD also had each of its seasons reviewed separately too. The season one got things going with “Certified Fresh” rating of 85 percent, Season 2 got a whopping 96 percent, Season 3 scored a perfect 100 percent, and the Season 4 kept ruling with a 94 percent total. The ongoing season is tied with Season 3 for the best-reviewed season of the series, with a 100 percent positive score.

The second spot on the list went to Luke Cage with 93 percent. Jessica Jones, the Netflix counterpart of Luke Cage followed closely at 92 percent.

The other entrants in the list of top 10 are as given below.

FX’s show Legion was ranked fourth with 90 percent followed by Agent Carter at fifth position with 88 percent. Daredevil got the sixth spot with 86 percent; Runaways has managed to get the seventh spot at 81 percent, The Defenders is at number eight with 74 percent. The last two shows are The Gifted at ninth position with 70 percent, and the list was completed by The Punisher which got 62 percent.

The two Marvel shows which had “Rotten” scores were not surprising at all. Iron Fist managed a paltry 19 percent, whereas The Inhumans came up with the worst of the worst ratings with only a 10 percent score.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs on ABC every Friday night at 9 pm ET.

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