5 Original Characters Are Planned To Returned For “Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money”.


Mel Brooks, the Promethean director of countless comedy classics, is bringing back the much-anticipated sequel of “Spaceballs,” a movie that made a parody of the legendary Star Wars saga and other cliched fantasy & Sci-fi movies. The original Spaceballs was an instant hit in America, and it did amazingly well at the domestic box office as well as internationally regardless of negative reviews from the critics. Brooks wants the original cast to be back in the sequel, however, a lot of the main characters have passed away. He also confirmed that characters would be back and there will be re-cast. Currently, Brooks is working with Sony to attain a release date around mid-2019, just after the release of the final chapter of the new Star Wars trilogy. Here are the names of the characters and the actors who are making a comeback for Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money:-

1) Bill Pullman – Lone Starr

2) Daphne Zuniga – Princess Vespa

3) Jack Black – Barf

4) Lisa Lampanelli (Voice) – Dot Matrix

5) Mel Brooks – “Multiple Characters”


  1. I am a new actor in Oklahoma, already have 2 roles in theater and one as an extra in a film and three more coming up this year. Grew up watching every Mel brooks films. Would love to be a part of this sequel. Can’t wait for auditions to pop up.

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