9 Darth Vader Vs Xenomorphs Fan-Arts Will Tantalise Your Geeky Senses!


Vader’s bad-ass appearance in “Rogue One” has taken over the world, and it seems like even after several decades people can’t get enough of him. An interesting and highly talented artist named Guillem H. Pongiluppi, has merged two awesome worlds in his designs that show Darth Vader and his troopers facing the infamous “Xenomorphs” from the horror-sci-fi classic “Alien” movie. These Vader Vs Aliens images are going to give the nerds and geeks wet dreams about them. There is also an image, where Vader directly confronts the Alien Queen, and the meaning of that image is shrewdly left open-ended for us to interpret. Here are Guillem’s Amazing kick-ass Vader Vs Alien fan-arts:-



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