8 Cosplay Snaps Of “Lady Jaded” Portrays Notorious Dark-Side Of Harley Quinn!


Harley Quinn’s character is enjoying its prime since the release of Suicide Squad. Men are getting crazy about her, and the women want to be like her, and we all saw, what happened this Halloween? Every second girl was dressed up as Harley, and why not? Margot Robbie stole the whole show with her act in Suicide Squad as Harleen! Meanwhile in the colorful world of Cosplays, one of the most talented and incredibly beautiful professional Cosplayer named “Lady Jaded” took the character of Harley to a whole new level with her portrayal! Lady Jaded is known for her high quality and mind-boggling attention to the details she puts in her costumes, and her Harley Quinn cosplay was no exception. Here are the pictures of the Cosplay Goddess Lady Jaded’s version of the Clown Princess:-

Cosplayer: Lady Jaded



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