10 Huge Star Wars: Episode VIII Rumors!


With over a year until the arrival of Episode VIII and another Star Wars film to turn out, you’d think that points of interest on the film are especially inadequate. However, this is Star Wars and trying to smother the voracious hunger for information would be a waste of time. There’s a ton of gossipy titbits, including reincarnated and revived characters, new Force controls, the secret of Rey and some genuinely fascinating story components. Here are the greatest and best 10 rumors…

10. Rey Is The Chosen One

Every discussion about finding who Rey’s parents are is pointless; she’s really the Chosen One, like Anakin Skywalker. The huge ramifications comes from Stormtrooper Larry who revealed that there is a scene between Rey and Luke in which he shows her the historical backdrop of the Force and firmly suggests she is the reincarnation of the founder of the Jedi Order.


9. Leia Uses The Force, Poe Dameron Leads The Resistance

As indicated by sources, Leia Organa will use Force to get away from an attack that takes her out of the blend for some time. What’s more, she is replaced by the ethically vague Laura Dern who winds up making things worse. That in the end prompts Poe Dameron taking control over the Resistance as an interim leader.


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