10 Huge Star Wars: Episode VIII Rumors!

8. Tom Hardy Will Cameo

As indicated by sources, Tom Hardy will follow Daniel Craig under a stormtrooper’s helmet, featuring in an arrangement that sees him rumble Finn on a secret mission. Rather than killing Finn the swindler, Hardy’s trooper is elated to see his old companion and compliments him on his promotion to being an infiltrator and spy. Finn is bewildered to have come out alive.

It surely fits with the comic cameo minute given to Daniel Craig in The Force Awakes.


7. Luke Is Not Rey’s Father, She Is His

Luke is not Rey’s dad, as per the same source. What’s more, it’s instantly clear that they aren’t father and girl. So who is she? Well, it was revealed that when Luke and Rey meet, the latter is irritated at the former for abandoning her on Jakku. She trusts he is her dad and reprimands him, just for him to reveal that she is in actuality the reincarnated soul of Anakin Skywalker.


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