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Early Reactions From Critics Are Out For Rogue One – “Is The Movie Worth Watching?”

Early Reactions From Critics Are Out For Rogue One – “Is The Movie Worth Watching?”

Many acclaimed movie enthusiasts, critics, YouTubers, and bloggers got to see the early screening of Rogue One and finally the first reactions for Rogue One are out. A lot of fans were expecting the film to be messy because of news related to re-shoots, change of director for post-production, and spoiler-filled trailers, however, you would be glad to hear that we all have been wrong. This movie is not going to fall flat on Rotten Tomatoes ratings like Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman or Fantastic Four, on the contrary, some of the critics are calling it the “The Best Addition To The Star Wars Universe.” Yes, we can hear your big “Sighhh”, and here are some first-hand comments from the movie critics, the December is going to be AWESOME WITH ROGUE ONE!

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