5 Questions For Those Who Call “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” A Re-Vamp


There is a hazardous deception doing the rounds recently. We’re referring to the idea that Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) is a “revamp” of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977).
While one magazine called the previous “a shameless sham,” another said it was a “celebrated redo.” In fact, some papers called The Force Awakens a “confounded and cloudy reboot.” Furthermore, even the net is filled with the same views. Now, allow me to explain how it isn’t a remake by asking five important questions.

1. How closely do you know Darth Vader?

Vader isn’t the reprobate you recollect in Star Wars. That part began to happen in The Empire Strikes Back. In 1976, when George Lucas was filming for the movie, he was not very happy about Vader. The scuba mask breathing of Ben Burtt and the profound thundering tones of James Earl Jones were still unheard of. Lucas didn’t find the villain fearsome enough. In fact, he even asked Alan Dean Foster, the writer, to get rid of Vader off in the primary post-motion picture novel Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. Gratefully, Foster didn’t have him killed towards the end. Furthermore, Vader is on screen for a little under 10 minutes. On the other hand, Kylo Ren, is everywhere. We see him for a decent quarter of the film. He is no Vader, and that is the general purpose. Even though he adores his granddad, he’s significantly more mind boggling and tormented. He’s caught between light side and the dark side. He is plagued by hissy fits and fearful of Rey. While Kylo figures out how to be both intense and feeble at the same time, Vader was only a fellow in a helmet.


2. Did you watch the first?

In case you have, that’s incredible. Since you have, you would be aware that it doesn’t begin with the slaughter of a little town of innocent people. Furthermore, it doesn’t close with the astounding revelation of a galactic loner. It also doesn’t have a dream begun by a lightsaber. I’m pondering how you see those plot-vital minutes existing in A New Hope. Now tell me, did we go after the challenging escape of an arbitrary Stormtrooper in Darth Vader’s armies? I don’t recall that. I also don’t recollect a lady being the primary hero and centre of the Force.

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