Will Smith’s Son In White-Batsuit Sings The Most Cancerous Song Of 2017.


Some songs are ridiculous/pathetic/garbage, but they are catchy. They stuck in your head like flies on shit, and you couldn’t help but hum the chorus throughout your day, hating yourself.

Will Smith’s offspring Jayden Smith decided to launch a song that’s about Batman. His song is abysmal like his fashion sense, and the video is the exact “definition” of Click-Bait as the thumbnail of his song on youtube features Jayden in a White-Batsuit. Yeah, black dude, in a white Batsuit sings the below-mentioned lyrics in the most mundane way possible:-

“Batman, Batman, Batman, Joker just put me on acid…”
“Batman, Batman, Batman, I heard you ain’t got a mattress..”
“Batman, Batman, Batman, I heard you married a Porsche…”

First, we thought that we would directly post the video on my page, and let everybody suffer this video without any warning exactly the way I had to bear it, but then I have some decency left in me, and I didn’t want my readers to suffer the same fate as mine. Hence I made this post so that at least people who click on his video actually know what kind of Pandora’s Box they are opening for their healthy head.

We are aware, that thumbnail of “WHITE-BATMAN” will pull your finger over it and will make you click that familiar friendly play button. Here’s the video:-

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