Star Trek Discovery Showrunner Reveals About The Delays & Quality Of The Show.


Since the day Star Trek: Discovery was announced, it has seen many ups and downs. The fans were excited about everything ex-showrunner Brian Fuller was offering about the show, but then excitement started to plummet severely with the news related to delays and removal of Brian’s involvement in the show popped up. There was also a point where fans thought that the show is going to cancel.

However, the first trailer restored our faith in the show, and now it seems like Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts (The new showrunners) are going to give us one of the best Star Trek series ever. To clear up the remaining trepidations amongst the fans Alex Kurtzman, who was involved in bringing this show together with Brian, told Collider in an interview that:-

“I’m really excited for everybody to see Trek and I was extremely pleased with the reception that our trailer got. It was awesome. It was really cool. All I’m going to say now is that you’re talking about a show that’s being written by a room full of fans, who all have very different relationships to Trek, and I think that’s healthy, and it’s a good thing. They love different aspects of Trek, and we’re really, really excited with how the scripts are going. The scripts are going great.”

He also shared that CBS and the Production team wanted this to be a high quality and unique experience for the fans, and they were ready to take some more time in developing a fantastic product than giving the audience something that is half-baked. He applauded CBS for understanding the importance, and not pressurizing them for the releasing without polishing it properly. He explained the amicable relationship between his team and CBS like this:

“We postponed our schedule, because the truth is we did not want to put out something that was sub-par. And as the vision expanded it, we started feeling like we weren’t going to be able to deliver the scope and scale that was on the page. CBS was extremely supportive in saying, okay, you know what, this is cable, this streaming. It’s not like we have to be out right away. Let’s do the best version of this. Trek is too important for all of us.”

Star Trek: Discovery still doesn’t have any official release date, but according to various reports it will reach us by Autumn 2017.

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