Top 10 Tales From The Crypt Episodes.


It is a shame that the T.V. horror genre has pretty much been put out to pasture. But guess what, as if you haven’t heard already. Tales From The Crypt is coming back to the small screen!

Who remembers watching the episodes the old episodes of this amazing series that was probably what got  lot of young people of the time into the Horror Genre for good! I know it had me hooked. An I am now a huge Horror film fan.

A new version of the HBO series will be coming to TNT and is looking to be great! The new version will lead up to brand new 2 hour blocks of horror and suspense. This series on TNT will be an umbrella to better programming that will hopefully follow by other stations. The new Tales From The Crypt will lead to long story telling by m night shyamala as well!

People are very excited to see this series come back…

The nostalgia it will bring is a big part of what people are so excited for.  And we will be diving into some of the more remembered Tales From The Crypt Episodes EVER! So enjoy these scenes from one of our favorite Television shows ever. And enjoy remembering the times from your childhood!


tales from the crypt-2
“The Man Who Was Death” (Season 1 EP 1)


tales from te crypt-3“Abra Cadaver” (Season 2 Ep. 4)


tales from the crypt-4“Carrion Death” (Season 3 Ep. 2)


tales from the crypt-5“Dig That Cat…He’s Real Gone” (Season 1 Ep. 3)


tales from the crypt-6“Split Second” (Season 3 Ep. 11)


tales from the crypt-7“Television Terror” (Season 2 Ep. 16)


tales from the crypt-8“The Ventriliqiust Dummy” (Season 2 Ep. 10)


tales from the crypt-9“Werewolf cencharto” (Season 4 Ep. 13)


tales from the crypt-10“And All Through The House” (Season 1 Ep. 2)


tales from the crypt-11“Cutting Cards” (Season 2 Ep. 3)

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