Top 10 Motivational Quotes Directly From The Leader “Skeletor” Will Change Your Life.


Skeletor is love” is a major Internet phenomenon that started somewhere in 2013-2014 by Sarah Elizabeth, she picked up an awkward villain Skeletor (He-Man: Master of the Universe – an 80s’ cartoon) and attached his pictures with thoughtful optimistic quotes. These quotes along with suitable yet unrelated contextual images from the cartoons drove people mad with fun and laughter across world wide web. Within weeks, netizens across the globe were sharing her creative and amusing memes, and other fans also contributed by creating their own memes on the same topic. The Skeletor is love meme is alive and kicking even today, and keeps popping here and there on viral sites with same charisma every damn time! We have selected the best Skeletor is love meme images and compiled it in the post, have a check and laugh like crazy! Enjoy.





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