Top 10 Hottest Female Aliens From The Movies


There are certain generalizations which have always remained true. For example, science fiction will always appeal to male audiences more while a romantic film will interest the female audience (however, the trend was reversed by the Guardians of the Galaxy which surprisingly had a higher percentage of female audience compared to any Marvel Studios film preceding it).

Since it is a fact that sci-fi films will have more men filling the theatres, it becomes imperative that these films need to have certain essential common elements to attract their core audience. This element is called aliens or in a more straightforward language, ‘hot female aliens.’ That’s the way it works in Hollywood. Men have a thing for the unknown, space, massive blasts, and weapons and last, but, not the least, by female aliens who double up as eye candies.

With this thought in mind, we reviewed the best female performances throughout the history of science fiction films and created what we feel is a collection of 10 of the hottest alien women characters.

10. Mary – Total Recall

Technically Mary is not an alien, but, a Martian mutant, yet, we can’t just ignore the immense contribution to the sci-fi genre by Lycia Naff’s portrayal in the 1990’s hit Total Recall. She played the character of Mary, a three-breasted prostitute mutant, who bared herself in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger and made him say: “Baby, you make me wish I had three hands!”

Mary went on to become one of the most memorable sci-fi characters (the character even featured in the film’s sequel). The actor confessed that she was embarrassed and felt weird during the auditions for the role. It was revealed that the breasts were not real, but, it still made her uncomfortable baring herself. Ever since then, she often gets to hear questions about the missing third breast and her response by saying, “I had it removed. It’s in a jar on my desk.”

9. Neytiri – Avatar

James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar had the groundbreaking female character Neytiri; a role played by Zoe Saldana. The film was a CGI based science fiction which had beautiful creatures in the faraway lands and depicted a thought-provoking love story between humans and extra terrestrials. The 10 foot tall Na’vi princess met Jake Sully (lead character) in a forest on planet Pandora. She started teaching Jake, and ultimately they fell in love. Although she had a strange feline persona, she did have some charm that bewitched Jake.

8. Serleena – Men in Black II

While Men in Black II didn’t see the kind of success that its prequel had, it did have a standout aspect to it. The film’s main villain Serleena (Lara Flynn Boyle) was a gorgeous female alien. She has modeled for lingerie brands earlier, and she looked hot in the film who apart from displaying oodles of oomph also had tentacles which she used with great prowess to take down her victims. However, the spell cast by her stunning figure was broken when she was shown in her real alien form of a giant, disgusting worm and after that as a vinyl plant. A high voltage gunfire ended in Jay and Kay taking her down.


7. Princess Aura – Flash Gordon

Ornella Muti played Princess Aura in the 1980 screen adaptation of Flash Gordon. She wore skimpy costumes and almost managed to make the hero crash his spaceship by seducing him. She had several affairs, and she saved Flash from Ming who wanted to get Flash executed. Ming the Merciless was the main villain of the film and also the father of Princess Aura. Ming had forced her to live in exile in the forest kingdom of Arboria as he was upset with her due to her affair with Prince Barin who was the legitimate heir to the throne of Mongo. She has always been depicted as having a soft corner for Flash throughout the comic books, animation series, TV serials, etc. and there is no doubt why he also would love to have her company permanently.


6. Ripley 8 – Alien Resurrection

After Ellen Ripley’s death, she was successfully cloned as Ripley 8 by the United States Military in their bid to revive the Xenomorph XX121 alien species. After her creation, the Xenomorph inside her made Ripley 8 an alien-human hybrid.

The aim of USM behind cloning Ripley was to get access to the Xenomorph Queen who inside her, but, the plan delivered results to the contrary. Though the clone was a beautiful version of Ripley who had sacrificed her life, she had a very different persona of an alien who was stylish, fearless, sarcastic and unconventional.


5. Ella Swenson – Cowboys & Aliens

The portrayal of cute and talented Olivia Wilde left no doubt that Ella Swanson had to be on this list. Irrespective of your opinion about this film, Ella’s character had a superb twist. The mysterious cowgirl/alien predator, had nobody knowing about her origins.

It’s no wonder that Ella Swenson would be on this list, given that she’s portrayed by the beautiful and talented Olivia Wilde. Say what you will about the movie, the character of Ella came with a surprising twist. At first, she is a mysterious cowgirl/alien hunter, without anyone knowing where she came from, who or she was. It is only when an alien kills her, and her dead body is tossed into a fire by an Apache Indian, that she resurrected as a naked alien in a Phoenix style. After her native planet was destroyed, she traveled to Earth from “beyond the stars,” only to help Earth fight the aliens. She told the film’s other protagonists that she knew the weaknesses of the aliens. This knowledge gives Ella the power to lead Earth’s forces in the battle against the alien invaders, in a beautiful and successful manner.


4. Princess Leia – Star Wars

Carrie Fisher seems to have done so many sci-fi films that we don’t think any other female actor comes close to her in this genre. She featured in the Star Wars as Princess Leia who wore a tiny bikini along with Jabba the Hut and an iconic cinnamon bun hairdo. She was the reason that a whole generation of teenagers went crazy.

While we can ignore her awkward incestuous scene with her twin brother Luke, she will always be remembered as the lady love of Han Solo and the object of adoration for vast legions of Star Wars fans across the planet. Star Wars world has featured many other pretty girls, but, Princess Leia royally rules over all of them.


3. Gamora – Guardians of the Galaxy

Zoe Saldana played the character of Gamora who was adopted as the daughter by Thanos after he annihilated her race called Zehoberei. This deadly green Guardian of the Galaxy proudly calls herself, “deadliest woman in the whole galaxy.” She had another stunning alien hottie, Nebula as a sister who had a duel with her near the end of the film.

Thanos had tasked Gamora with stealing the Orb which was a device containing one of the six Infinity Stones. Thanos wanted to become the most powerful entity in the whole universe after acquiring the Infinity Stones, but, Gamora betrayed him by joining Peter Quill and other Guardians. They fell in love and we can say that Quill hit the bull’s eye with this beautiful and powerful green alien.


2. Leeloo – The 5th Element

The 5th Element was an underrated film that featured MillaJovovich as Leeloo, an alien red-head who was insanely hot. She made drooling teenaged boys go crazy hormonally in the same way that Princess Leia used to do in the Star Wars era. All she wore was just narrow strips of fabric that did little more than ensuring that the film wasn’t put into an Adults rated category.

Leeloo who is also among the Supreme Beings in the Universe, came to Earth to serve as the weapon that will destroy the Fifth Element – the Great Evil threatening the existence of the world. While she is powerful and deadly as a fighter, she is shown to be beautiful, innocent, brave and immodest as a human. The fact that she unabashedly and frequently stripped in front of men is something that the male sci-fi fans secretly fantasize about.


1. Sil – Species

Species failed to set the box office on fire, but, its female alien character Sil is right up there as the hottest female aliens, and she set the benchmark high for the 1990s she-aliens to follow. She was an human-alien mix, created as a part of Search for ExtraterrestrialIntelligence program. When things started going wrong, her creators tried killing her, but, this hyper-sexual predator escaped and went around trying to mate with any potent male she came across. While Leeloo was what male sci-fi fans fantasized about, Sil was a notch ahead of her.

Her human portions featured actress Natasha Henstridge. She is like that black widow spider who can’t be resisted by men, but, generally killed her bed partners with a deadly kiss. Her tongue had a razor that could simply slice through her victim’s skull. Not only that, she had other weapons such as nipples and breast tentacles and also an ability to reproduce through the cavity in her chest. That’s truly some imagination of an advanced species.


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