He-Man Live-Action Got A Confirmed Release Date But Lost The Director!


Hardly anything is left from the 1980s which have not been remade or is under process for a remake or a sequel/prequel. It seems like the decade has been extremely appealing to filmmakers planning a film franchise with various projects like Transformers and The Smurfs. The unique element of that era was that everything was conceptualized keeping in mind the prospects of merchandise and toy sales. The only major series from that decade that has not yet been tapped into is Masters of the Universe, and now reports indicate that this series will also soon be converted into a “He-Man Movie.”

Masters of the Universe is the story of Prince Adam who is the successor to the throne of Eternia. It is a fictitious world which is a fascinating mix of magic and some fantastic technology. Adam was shown to be a feeble royal, who could summon a supreme power which used to convert him into the mightiest power in the entire universe called ‘He-Man.’ The popular animated showed He-Man regularly take on the ghostly magician Skeletor who used to come up with new plans every week to defeat He-Man and become the ultimate universal power.

After lying dormant amidst repeated talks of a cinematic adaptation, this series has finally been chosen by Sony Pictures, and there was an announcement today to provide an update about the upcoming film’s release schedule, and as per a tweet from Exhibit Relations, the He-Man Movie will have its US release on December 18th, 2019.

There is not much information available at present because Sony hasn’t made any detailed official statement. However, the background gossip has been going on for quite some time now. Nobody has been confirmed as the film’s director, although, McG (Charlie’s Angels) has been reportedly working on the project over the last few years.

Buzz is that McG might not have been announced to be the director for the He-Man Movie, but, he is working in tandem with Sony to work out a theme that MCU fans will be able to identify and relate with.This seems to be sensible, especially with Thor: Ragnarok, another project that aims to create a winning formula combining swords, sandals and science fiction. There is also a possibility that Marvel might be bidding time to see how the Thor film performs on the box-office before making formal announcements about the ‘He-Man Movie.’

We also anticipate a fierce contest for the actor portraying the title role of He-Man. Though the 1987 cinematic adaptation of Masters of the Universe didn’t work out well on the box-office, both DolphLungren and Frank Langella are revered by the fans for their performances as He-Man and Skeletor. Thus, there is no doubt about the potential for this franchise. Therefore, let’s stay hopeful about hearing a lot more about the mystical lands of Eternia in the days to come.



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