‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Leaks Clarify The Role Of The USS Shenzhou And The Klingons


We may not know a lot about the eagerly anticipated Star Trek: Discovery, yet what we know is strange. Opposing the traditions of past #StarTrek shows, Discovery will divide the primary cast between two ships: The eponymous USS Discovery, and the USS Shenzhou.

The commander of Shenzhou is Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Georgiou, with two other primary characters on board this vessel. The coherent conclusion is that the show’s focus will be divided between the two Starfleet ships. However, late gossipy tidbits propose something else.

The site SpaceInvader has announced leaks that uncover the destiny of the USS Shenzhou. Furthermore, these “inside sources” offer a fascinating clarification for why Star Trek: Discovery has its fundamental cast divided between two ships since the USS Shenzhou is the Discovery.

This is a captivating plot twist that has intriguing ramifications for the plot of Star Trek: Discovery, and may very well clarify the part of the Klingon characters who were declared a couple of months back.

Undercover In Klingon Space

Agreeing with fan theory that the USS Shenzhou will be decimated in the very first episode, spaceinvader.me reports that this vessel will be destroyed in “an unfortunate set of circumstances” in the pilot, driving it to be repaired and renamed.  It’s further stated;

The original Shenzhou will have more of a “chromey” familiar Federation feel, but once refitted, repaired and renamed to the USS Discovery, the ship will look a little different as you might have seen from the original teaser trailer of the Discovery rolling out of drydock. I am told there are reasons for the gold/copper look of the ship and a solid explanation for the shape.

SpaceInvader ties the presence of the USS Discovery together with the design of Klingon ships, theorizing this on the grounds that the Discovery’s central goal is to collaborate with the Klingon characters, perhaps going covert into Klingon space.

It is likely that Discovery is working in collaboration with some Klingon factions, namely the actors that have been revealed to be Klingons, in bringing a new order to the Klingon empire.

It is possible that Discovery is working in a joint effort with some Klingon groups, to be specific the on-screen characters that have been uncovered to be Klingons, in bringing another order to the Klingon realm.

This Klingon plot is already set up in the Star Trek: Discovery story, uncovered in a press release that declared the Klingon characters.

SpaceInvader guesses that the Discovery was intended to be like a Klingon Bird of Prey. This could be a direct result of moderations made by the Klingons themselves. In spite of this fact, it merits bringing up that right now, the Federation and the Klingon Empire are occupied with a sharp encounter.

How Probable Is This To Happen?

Keeping Klingon plot aside, crushing the Shenzhou and transforming it into the USS Discovery may be a sensational approach to begin the show, yet it seems rather repetitive. Dividing the primary cast between two ships is a strong move, and it’s something that Star Trek has never endeavored. This structure would make a varied narration, with a many-sided quality that loans itself well to the serialized structure that Discovery is supposed to be utilizing.

Additionally, there’s the way that two commanders have been cast for Star Trek: Discovery. There is Michelle Yeoh as the Shenzhou’s Captain Georgiou, and Jason Isaacs as the Discovery’s Captain Lorca. This appears to invalidate what SpaceInvader’s sources are announcing, as there’s very little sense in CBS casting two prominent on-screen characters as captains, and after that expelling one from her role of commanding.

It appears to be more probable that these new reports are simply bits of gossip based on fan hypotheses. However, with no proof from the show to discredit these obvious breaks, it is conceivable that the Shenzhou will turn into the USS Discovery in the very first episode of the show. By and by, I’m hoping this to be false, as part the primary cast would make for extremely fascinating TV show.

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