Check Out This Cool Star Trek Fan Film Made By Seth MacFarlane And Friends!


Genuine fan following never ceases to exist. There are iconic TV shows such as Star Trek which remain special to people throughout their lives and have fans across several generations. The maker of popular animated comedy show Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane has also played the part of a young engineer called Rivers on two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.

You can imagine how excited a Star Trek fan would be if a chance to be onboard the iconic USS Enterprise comes his way. As far as MacFarlane is concerned, he has harbored that desire since his teenage days. Now a video has come online featuring the cartoonist/actor and some of his friends taking up the roles of iconic Star Trek characters, and MacFarlane playing Captain Kirk.

All roles are performed with such seriousness that you can easily see how dedicated these teens are to the iconic sci-fi show.

MacFarlane currently is the captain of a ship in a separate space show of his own titled The Orville where he plays the character of Ed Mercer. It is reassuring to know that the maker of the show got valuable practice before playing the role of the Planetary Union Officer. MacFarlane was in an interview with Bleeding Cool, where he emphasized that “this show, more than any others I’ve done, is the one I came to Hollywood to make.”

 “I love comedy, I love sci-fi, and to try to exist in both worlds is a challenge, to do it in an hour-long format is an absolute joy.” He continued. “There is a certain aspirational, hopeful, optimistic sci-fi that hasn’t really been done in 15-20 years. Star Trek did it for a long time, but then they evolved into something different, so it left open that space for that thing we all used to love so much. That’s what I’m trying to recapture, while at the same time a brand-new spin on it with some ingredients that no one has ever seen before.”

You can check the fan video made by MacFarlane and friends above.

The Orville’s Season Two will land this year. The Season One continues to receive a great deal of appreciation, and a lot of people are keen to see how things go forward for Captain Ed Mercer and crew.

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