Latest Movie Godzilla Vs Kong Starts Filming In October


The King of Monsters and his ape frenemy are now getting ready as Godzilla Vs. Kong is will enter production by October. Director, Adam Wingard had been hired to direct this movie last year, and it will see the Big Lizard and the huge monkey go head to head with each other.

 Godzilla vs. Kong will begin its production on October 1st in Atlanta, and the filming will last through February 2019. This will be four months of filming. It will take a whole lot to ensure the brawl between the monsters meets the fans’ expectations. This that gives them a lot of time to finish this movie before May 22, 2020, the release date.

We do not know what we should expect from the movie. This will be a sequel to Godzilla 2. Fans know that Godzilla will fight Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Rodan in the movie and we can assume that he will emerge pretty victorious.

“Technically it is a sequel to Godzilla and Kong. There is Godzilla 2, which they are filming right now. We have some of the cast that is from that one. This will probably be the most direct sequel to that movie. They are stacking them up. It’s very exciting. We’re still in the early phases of it.”

Legendary Pictures is now trying their best to put up some cinematic universes in Hollywood which seems to be working.

There are no official casting details for Godzilla vs. Kong, and we cannot say which characters from Godzilla 2 will return.


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