10 Reasons Why Batman Is Better Than Iron Man


It has been a pretty age-old debate- Marvel Vs. DC. And it is not unfair to draw parallels between Batman and Iron Man. Now, let us face it, Batman is going to be the better one and here’s why:

 10. It’s all about the money

It may sound pretty unbelievable, but Forbes made a list of the richest fictional characters, and Bruce Wayne was 4th with $6.8 billion, and Tony Stark was $3 billion. The the first spot on the list was Smaug from The Hobbit, and he has a dragon.

9. With money come women

Bruce had a very fair share of fun and has dated three batwomen, one Batgirl, Talia-al-ghul, Poison ivy, Lois Lane, Catwoman and Wonder Woman. This is a lot for a depressed man who mops all day. Tony has had only Pepper Potts and spends his time fantasizing about other women.

8. Smarter than your average superhero

Those in the DC universe thinks that Bruce inherited his wealth and swam in it, but the fact is that he is the smartest fictional character. He has a contingency plan for all the Justice League members and has outsmarted Darkseid, a God. Tony had a drink with Loki who is not a God.

7. Best detective in the world

He will be revered as the best detective, and his instincts are on a whole new level. Tony Stark, well, he is an idiot and did not know that his weapons were sold to terrorists.

6. A dark past to avenge

Batman’s past will come back to haunt him, and this is his strongest and weakest point. Bruce has a motive and to deliver justice. Tony wants to save himself and is pretty much selfish.

5. Friends

Well, Batman has Alfred and Superman. While Tony has John Rhody Rhodes and it can be desecrated by Superman.

4. Some things are better left unsaid

In the comic books, no one knew who Batman was. He had taken his identity to the grave. Iron Man could not keep it a secret for a day and blurted it out.

3. Always on the edge

Bruce does not drink, smoke or do drugs and believes that he needs to be alert at all times. Tony Stark is an alcoholic and is on drugs.

2. Good, old-school beating

Bruce Wayne knows 127 different martial arts. And he even invented some. He was trained by a man who refused to die, Ra’s-al-ghul. He can bench press 500 kilos, and as for Iron man, well, he is a couch potato.

1. Because He’s Batman

Batman is much better than Iron-Man well, because “I’m Batman!” When people could not find a way to explain how Batman is brilliant, they owed it all to the fact that he is Batman.  Iron-Man can not measure up to what the Dark Knight is.

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