This Is How BATMAN Can Defeat The Whole AVENGERS.


Batman might not have any powers, but he’s set up himself as a force to be acknowledged in the DC universe. With a splendid personality, astonishing fighting skills and gadgets galore, he’s shown that he can stand his ground against not only super villains, but also his kindred Justice League colleagues sometimes.

While fans will keep on debating how Batman would do in battles against super-strong DC heroes (particularly Superman), one battle the vast majority most likely haven’t envisioned the Caped Crusader in is going up against Marvel’s Avengers. Indeed, screenwriter Max Landis has been contemplating it, and he has everything worked out on how Batman would win.

The Chronicle scribe went on Twitter to clarify how he trusts Batman would have the capacity to bring down the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a metropolitan setting.

Here’s how it would go;

In the beginning, Batman would promptly utilize a knock out dart on Bruce Banner before he could transform into The Hulk. Thereafter, Iron Man’s suit would be hacked, trailed by The Vision being brought down with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). Thor would be taken out by getting Bat-winged into a building and afterward stuck down with polymer.

After rapidly KO’ing Black Widow and Hawkeye, Batman’s last adversary would be Captain America, who Landis acknowledges would be a great challenge, yet Batman would vanquish him eventually. He later included that Batman battling these characters one-on-one would be more attractive battle since he wouldn’t have the capacity to utilize the city against them as adequately.

Landis’ conclusion is intriguing, yet to a great degree overstated. See, nobody’s contending that Batman is a capable crime-fighter, however in this situation, it isn’t Batman battling the Avengers. It’s Bat-God! Landis conceded that Batman is best utilized as a “domineering and intense force of nature” while the Avengers are better when they’re vulnerable. This implies that this viewpoint makes the battle look much more uneven than it really would be. As sly as Batman seems to be, it’s difficult to envision him achieve all this while under fire as a non-powered human.

Landis likewise disparages how useful Black Widow and Hawkeye are in battle. Is it accurate to say that they are at Batman’s level of skill? That is far from being obviously true, yet it’s far-fetched that they would get taken out in a split second. One should also keep in mind that Tony Stark is just as savvy as Bruce Wayne while Steve Rogers is a splendid strategist. Together, both of them would have the capacity to think of a particular plan to stifle Gotham’s City protector with the help of their fellow-mates.

While Batman has never battled the whole Avengers group, he has tossed down a Marvel legend. Amid the DC versus Marvel comic book hybrid in the 1990s, Batman was pitched against Captain America and won. However, they immediately united a short time later with the rest of the Marvel and DC legends. Batman likewise collaborated with Spider-Man and Daredevil in different hybrid stories, although those didn’t make them trade fist-cuffs.

Since the odds are close to zero that we’ll witness Batman battle the Avengers, this should remain a theme just played out in fans’ brains.


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