Gemma Atkinson Shares Fan Art Depicting Herself As Power Girl


DC Cinematic Universe has not yet featured a Power Girl, but, this latest Fan art makes a strong case for Gemma Atkinson to be cast in that role.

The model/actress is quite keen to play the role of the mighty DC hero because she shared some fantastic fan art a short while back which depicted Atkinson as Power Girl. Jeff Chapman created the art and Atkinson is delighted with the outcome.

“Thank youJeff Chapman for turning me into Power Girl! I love it ��”

The costume is an enhanced version of the comic book design. However, it retains the unique elements which the fans are familiar with, such as the famous cut-out (commonly called boob window). Chapman did the art, but, the suit is shaped after a costume redesign done by Ben Wilsonham, and you can check it here.

In fact, Chapman had made two Power Girl versions of Atkinson, which can be checked here and here.

There hasn’t been any real consideration about Power Girl in the DC films or TV, but, if she did debut anywhere, it would most likely be CW’s Supergirl or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. She is not suitable to join Arrow or Flash, but, nothing is predictable. The character was recently seen in Netherrealm’s Injustice 2. However, she wasn’t a totally different fighter. She was shown to be the premiere skin for Supergirl, as they both have the same powers.

Power Girl is known as Kara Zor-L, a name you must be familiar with. She happens to be the Earth-Two Kara (Supergirl) and ultimately lands on Earth prime. Power Girl’s powers are akin to Superman and Supergirl, such as super strength, flight, super hearing and heat vision. Her weaknesses are also identical, but, she is not affected by some types of Kryptonite.

As far as Atkinson is concerned, you can spot her on Key 103 Breakfast with Gemma, Matt & Mike, and her work can also be followed on Twitter.

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