Is It Possible To Make A LOST Reboot For Tv?


We need to return! The fans escaped the island from Lost, less than ten years back, and still, there is already a lot of anticipation about a prospective reboot or revival series to be made down the line. Hollywood has a penchant to revive old franchises despite them being comparatively not that old. The ex-Lost co-showrunner, Carlton Cuse, exited ABC recently for a few years to come, and that has once again fuelled the Lost rumors. Nerdist News has decided to move the island and destroy Dr. Arzt to understand the chances of another Lost series.

The Dharma initiative graduate and guest host Amy Vorpahl took stock of the recent developments. Channing Dungey, the President of ABC, informed TVLine that they don’t have any plans in place to revive Lost, but, he stated that “it’s something that’s on a list of, ‘Wouldn’t that be great if…,” which indicates that ABC certainly had a look at the prospects of the new series.

The co-creator of Lost, Damon Lindelof had earlier supported the thought of a review of the series’ concepts and mythology, because he personally has no interest to redo it. The persuasive characters and mysteries associated with Lost made it a cool show, and one that is going to be anyone to match.

In case ABC did go ahead with another reboot of Lost, there are three options for it to choose from. One is to make a full on reboot that rejects everything from the earlier show, apart from the island and some story. The other less likely option is to go ahead with the remaining characters, but, it would be more difficult to do that one because the cast of the series has moved on long back. The most appealing option would be to create a sequel series which introduces new characters on the island and giving opportunities to some of the earlier characters to come back and play their roles too.

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