7 Pictures Of The Fittest Slave Leia In This World


Last year Carrie Fisher left this world, however, her impactful career will always remain in the annals of history. Her iconic Slave Leia costume can be easily seen in pretty much every comic con in America and beyond.

Even though Disney has discontinued all the merchandise related to Slave Leia permanently, the cosplayers and fans still proudly wear it to show off their love for Carrie Fisher’s greatest character in her career.

Disney was actually forced to close down the Slave Leia merchandise because there were a lot of parents who had complained saying that Slave Leia’s concept, in general, is degrading to women, and they even found the costume to be too revealing for the kids.

However, there are two sides to a coin, the people who cosplay the Slave Leia’s call it as a beacon of freedom and fitness. These cosplayers work long hours in the gym to keep their body extremely fit, they are not ashamed of their body and the Slave Leia costume gives them a way to represent fitness and freedom.

Many folks may not be able to digest this school of thought, but we all are free to have an opinion and have the freedom to live our lives on our own terms as long as we are not hurting others.

According to us, if the Slave Leia costume motivates you to live a healthy life, then there is no harm in putting it on. We have made a collection of all the fit ladies in Slave Leia costume, and these pictures can be used as a motivation by the ladies, and men can…well…adore the beauty and may even strive to get fit so that they can charm the beautiful women of this world.

Here are the fittest and attractive Slave Leia of this planet, enjoy:-

1. Jessica

2. Lauren Drain Fit

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