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Daisy Ridley hot – is one of the many variations of searches that the Star Wars fan are doing on the Google these days. Before Daisy Ridley got her big break with Star Wars, she was pretty much “Nobody,” but now, she is considered as one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, and according to many well-known magazines, Daisy Ridley is also the sexiest actress in the industry. We have collected the hottest pictures of Daisy Ridley for our readers from around the web and created this fantastic compilation. However, we wanted to make this post as the best Daisy Ridley pictures collection ever, hence we have also added some interesting facts about Daisy’s journey from a struggling actress to the queen of the Star Wars franchise. So, without wasting a lot of time on the introduction paragraph, let’s jump directly into the awesome stuff. Here are the most beautiful Daisy Ridley shots that have been made public along with some interesting rare facts about her:-

1. Her Love For History!

Daisy Ridley has mentioned in her interviews that she gets amazed by history, and it was her favorite subject back in the school. In fact, she loves to solve trivia related to ancient civilizations. She even picked the subject of “classical civilization” for her college, but then her passion for acting took over, and she dropped out to pursue acting.

Daisy Ridley hot

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2. Daisy Ridley & Body Shaming.

At this point of time, Daisy Ridley is deemed to be an epitome of female beauty, but there was also a time when kids and her college mates used to body-shame her, calling her out as “Flat-Chested.” Those harsh words have caused her some deep emotional injuries and destroyed her confidence, but she didn’t give up to the bullies. She filtered negative statements from her life and kept her nose to the grindstone until she became the hottest property on the American soil. Even after “The Force Awakens” released some trolls started pointing out that she has a “boy-like” body and facial features, but Daisy Ridley maintained her calm and replied to them using logical/well-balanced rants on her social media. Many anti-social elements came back to her Instagram page and requested “Forgiveness” for their behaviour after reading her rants.

daisy ridley sexy


3. Daisy Ridley Is Suffering From A Long Term Disease.

Daisy Ridley may look incredibly fresh and healthy in her movies, interviews, social media handles and award shows, but only few know that she is suffering from Endometriosis, because of which she has to go through multiple Laparoscopic surgeries in the past. This has also caused severe acne problems throughout her life. She announced this news on her social media handle and garnered incredible support from her fans, friends, family as well as from many Hollywood stars like George Takei.

daisy ridley rey sexy

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