Top 15 Star Wars Stories You Must Read


The fans of Star Wars are unquestionably getting their bit. As it is, we have two more portions of the spin-off trilogy in transit, no less than three “anthology” movies planned, a hit TV show (with another on the pipeline), another game, and a consistent stream of new comics and books for grown-up and teenagers.
Tragically, when Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 and chose to recount new stories, they de-canonized everything with the exception of the Episodes I-VI movies and the hit Clone Wars TV show. This implied fan-most loved characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn and Kyle Katarn, and many others in Star Wars Expanded Universe, were wiped away. In any case, Disney heard these fan outbursts and has started to bring those characters once more into canon through a couple of new channels, similar to Thrawn’s re-emergence on Rebels and a forthcoming novel which is based on Ahsoka Tano.
Despite the fact that the old stories are just “Legends,” some of them are as awesome to read. Regardless of whether they are canon or only legends, here are 15 Star Wars stories you must read!


Say what you will about the most current incarnation of Star Wars: Battlefront. However, don’t downsize its epic tie-in novel Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company. It’s written by Alexander Freed. This book gives an insight into the gritty and instinctive universe of the Galactic Civil War that the movies didn’t generally talk about. This book shows the regular world of the normal soldier in the Rebel army as they battle against the savage strengths of the Empire.
Twilight Company is based on the 61st Infantry Company of the Rebel Alliance (named “Twilight Company”) as they take part in fights on Haidoral Prime, Sullust, and the well-known Battle of Hoth (found in The Empire Strikes Back). They become entrapped in the strained political issues of the Empire while they capture and protect an Imperial Governor. Alongside incredibly sensible delineations of a modern battle, Twilight Company highlights one of the most perfect encounters with Darth Vader. We don’t see him as Luke’s dad or Obi-Wan’s equal. Instead, he is portrayed as a mass-killing machine who easily chops down anybody in his way.




This is based 20 years after Return of the Jedi and around ten years before The Force Awakens. Star Wars: Bloodline concentrates on the political issues of the New Republic as observed through the eyes of Princess Leia.
Star Wars: Bloodline tries to clarify the political atmosphere in the repercussions of Episode VI. Leia, who is presently a noticeable Senator in the New Republic, is the prime contender for a leadership post in the Government. However, her basic rival for this position finds her mystery family association with Darth Vader. He uncovers this learning to the general population, making the whole Senate turn against the Princess. There is significantly more to this story, with twists and action all through. It likewise binds into the formation of the Resistance and discusses the connection between Leia, Han, and Ben Solo.


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