9 Legendary Actors From Original Top Gun Returning For Top Gun 2 – “This Time It’s Maverick Vs Drones!”


It‘s hard to believe that there is even a single pilot in the world, who hasn’t watched Top Gun at least once. It’s said that when this movie released back in 1986, the applicants for American Navy pilots increased by 10 folds, such was the impact of this masterpiece directed by Tony Scott. Tom Cruise’s Jacket and the bike became a perennial fashion statement for the world; even the tourism to the shooting locations surged significantly.
Jerry Bruckheimer is going to helm the upcoming sequel to the Top Gun. Jerry wants to bring back all the major characters to Top Gun 2. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer have already confirmed their official participation in the Top Gun 2’s cast list. Jerry has told the press that Top Gun 2 is not a reboot, it’s the continuation of the existing storyline that Tony Scott had written, and in this movie Tom Cruise’s character Maverick is going to battle with the drones to prove that human fighter pilots are still essential component of aerial combat and shouldn’t be considered obsolete. Here is the list of major characters from the movie, who are coming back for the sequel!

1. Pete Mitchell “Maverick” (Tom Cruise)

Then: Cruise was cast as Pete Mitchell, a highly talented but very irreverent US Navy pilot who earned the nickname “Maverick”. Maverick’s skillset, along with his radar intercept officer “Goose”, ensured their selection to the elite Top Gun program. Before starring in “Top Gun”, Tom was known for his roles in “Risky Business” and “Outsiders”. His post-”Top Gun” stardom landed him roles in “Born on the Fourth of July”, “Cocktail, “Rain Man” and “Risky Business”.

Now: In the ‘90s, Tom Cruise had become a bonafide hit maker. He married fellow Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, with whom he lead the cast in movies “Far and Away” and “Days of Thunder”. Following those, he appeared with Brad Pitt in movie “Interview with the Vampire”. He was also cast in the eponymous title role in “Jerry Maguire” before landing the iconic part as Agent Ethan Hunt in another blockbuster “Mission: Impossible”, the success of which ensured a series of successful sequels well to this day. He also appeared in several dramas in the same time. Some of which included “Magnolia”, “Vanilla Sky” as well as “Eyes Wide Shut”, a movie that cast him alongside Nicole Kidman once again. Cruise starred in lead roles in several multi-million budget science fiction and action movies such as “Valkyrie”, “War of the Worlds” and “Minority Report”. Some of his later roles included playing leads in “Jack Reacher”, “Oblivion” and “Rock of Ages”. Throughout this period, Tom kept reprising his part as Ethan Hunt, a role that has surpassed Maverick‘s fame, in multiple Mission Impossible sequels. Another notable sci-fi flick that cast Tom in the lead, along with Emily Blunt, was the megahit “Edge of Tomorrow”. “Jack Reacher 2” is poised for release in late 2016, thirty years after the mega-hit “Top Gun”.

Top Gun 2 Cast

2. Charlotte Blackwood “Charlie” (Kelly McGillis)

Then: McGillis starred as Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood, Cruise’s romantic interest, in “Top Gun”. Charlie was a civilian contractor with a PhD in astrophysics who was hired as an instructor at Top Gun. Before landing the role as “Charlie”, McGillis’ name appeared in “Witness” along with very few other movies.

Now: After “Top Gun”, McGillis starred in various movies such as “North”, “The Babe” as well as “The Accused”.  In 1999, McGillis joined forces with fellow “Top Gun” star Val Kilmer for the movie “At First Sight”. McGillis acted in very few movies throughout the early 2000’s, only to return in a bunch of horror films beginning in 2010. Some of these include “The Innkeepers” and “Stake Land”. Her more recent foray is “We Are What We Are”. McGillis also branched into TV movies, appearing in the movie adaption of the novel “Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio.”

Top Gun 2 Cast

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