10 Times Batman Performed Physically Impossible Tasks


Yes, as we all know, Superman is the epitome of heroism, and he represents goodness at a very different level, Batman is the one who we may actually call upon when in trouble. The Dark Knight is a personification of perseverance and determination. While the fans use his ‘I’m Batman!’ for justifying his feats, a true Batman fan will know that it is only his will power and attitude which makes him the superhero that he is.

Batman, unlike many other superheroes, has no super powers but in spite of this, he has gone on many outrageous adventures and even triumphed. Here are 10 times that Batman did things were physically impossible:

10. Swam Through An Active Volcano

In Dark Days: The Forge, we saw the Dark Knight swim across through lava, and he had used a hi-tech suit which withstood high temperatures. Batman and a scientist had gotten to the ocean where and there, Aquaman provides help to this scientist.

9. Flipped Solomon Grundy With One Hand

In Tom King’s Batman #2, Batman takes to task a whole new generation of heroes to take on responsibilities. They are defeated by Solomon Grundy. But Batman used his martial arts skills and threw him using momentum.

8. Survived a Cave-in

In ‘Endgame,’ Batman and the Joker fight for the very last time in a Batcave which is crumbling. The cave soon collapses, and Batman comes out. He suffers from amnesia for a while, but soon enough he downloads his memories and becomes The Batman again.

7. Escaped from a grave

In ‘Batman RIP’, the Black Glove crime syndicate breaks the Batman physically and mentally and he is transformed into a violent Bat of Zur-Enn-Arrh. Dr. Hurt then buries him, but he returns and battles like never before.

6. Takes an impossible shot

In Detective Comics #710, Batman had used a firearm in order to save lives. To stop Deathstroke, he had put many lives at risk, and he even allows Gunhawk get away with a few civilians. Our caped crusader used a rifle to disarm Gunhawk, and that was one tough shot.

5. Defeated the Sensei

In a crossover series, we learned that Sensei was the father of Ra’s Al Ghul. Sensei battles Batman and breaks his arms and even stabs him. With Sensei’s spirit being impure, he is annihilated the minute he comes in contact with water, and the Dark Knight emerges alive.

4. Beat the Justice League

In ‘Batman: End Game,’ Joker had poisoned the members of the Justice League, and he even makes them attack Batman. The Dark Knight dons the Fenrir suit and defeats Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Aquaman but not Superman. He then spits Kryptonite gum and weakens the Man of Steel.

3. Beat a God

In Crisis, Darkseid had captured Batman and locked him in as a prisoner. But when the Batman broke free, he shot Darkseid using a Radion bullet.

2. Survived in space

In JLA: Welcome to the Working Week, a journalist had slipped inside the Watchtower and showed people about Justice League members’ lives. He then sees Dark Knight exposing himself, and it was noticed that Batman asked Martian Manhunter to look out for when as he latches himself to the door.

1. Defeated Superman

In ‘Batman: Hush’, Superman is under Poison Ivy’s control, and she then sends the Man of Steel to kill Batman. The Dark Knight uses all his gadgets and even Kryptonite and weakens Superman. Batman had even ordered Catwoman to drop Lois Lane from a building, and it had broken Superman’s mind control.

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