Is a Live-Action Star Wars Series Being Planned?


Over the course of last 12 years, Dave Filoni has showcased his stature as one of the best storytellers in the galaxy far, far away with his work on Star Wars; The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Now that the latter is approaching the end of its final season, would he use his talent to create a live-action series?

“I tend to think in just stories,” Filoni said to in response to a question about what project would he helm next. “There are stories that I want to tell. There are quite a few that I’m very interested in. The medium to me, in a lot of ways, unless it’s important for the story, is not important. I’ve been really fortunate to spend a lot of time with [The Last Jedi writer/director] Rian Johnson and get on these sets and see their process from beginning to end. That’s been really enlightening.”

Although the animated series from the Star Wars universe might not be as renowned among the audiences, they are a key part of the Star Wars canon, courtesy Filoni, and his creative squads.

“I found, in a lot of ways, I’m fortunate that what George [Lucas] taught me over the years on how to produce Clone Wars is not very dissimilar to the live-action process that I’m seeing around me and I think that’s because George is a live-action guy,” Filoni admitted.

“What lies ahead?” Filoni contemplated. “I hope a lot of creative storytelling. I know that I, to this day, am still having a tremendous amount of fun in this galaxy. I don’t know that I would have thought that when I started in 2005 at Lucasfilm. I kind of thought Clone Wars would be a two-year job, and really fun, and then I’d be back in L.A., but Lucasfilm is just the greatest creative place that I’ve certainly been, and I really enjoy the people here, the history it has.”

He added, “So it’s not just been a creative place, but a great education for me, as a would-be storyteller.”

We agree that Filoni was evasive in his responses and about the future. However, he never said anything which could be implied to mean that he would remain confined to animation storytelling, whereas he was evidently excited and influenced by the live-action Star Wars storytelling.

Rumors have been circulating for years, and news about the project being relegated to backburner due to the various films under works came out recently. Since Disney is launching its own streaming service next year, a Star Wars live-action series might just be the premium property to entice the subscribers.

The new episodes of Star Wars Rebels are aired on Monday nights at 9.00 PM Eastern on Disney XD.

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